Virginia Luthiers

The Virginia Luthiers are four very talented musicians and world-renowned musical instrument builders. Together, they have over 150 combined years of experience building instruments. They make some of the best guitars, mandolins, violins, ukuleles, and banjos available today. You will find them making instruments for famous musicians from around the world, as well as for local folks like you and me. They can be found playing music together or with many other talented musicians most every weekend.
   Wayne Henderson          Jimmy Edmonds             Spencer Strickland                Gerald Anderson

Virginia Luthiers At the Carter Family Fold Hilton Virginia

                     Featuring Wayne Henderson Carter Medley     
                        Featuring Jimmy Edmonds Florida Blues
                       Featuring Gerald Anderson Home (origianl)        

                          Feauring Spencer Strickland Temperence Reel


                    Virginia Luthiers talk about playing and building
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